Newyorkers of the Year

The Joe Alber Memorial Newyorker of the Year is a Poughkeepsie, NY Chapter member who has exhibited sustained, unselfish service to the chapter, usually but not necessarily peaking in the award year. He or she epitomizes the spirit of the Newyorkers by cheerfully assuming and discharging many chapter responsibilities resulting in the short and long term health and success of the chapter. The award was founded by the 1972 Chapter President Joe Alber who, at his passing, was memorialized in it.

The 2010's     (top)
2019 Jack Tacinelli  
2018 Ernie Strauss  
2017 Duke Nachbar
2016 Jack Ostmark 55th Anniversary Yr of Chapter
2015 Larry Rand
2014 Bill Booth
2013 Frank Ruggiero
2012 Mike Monkowski
2011 Rick Greenop 50th Anniversary Yr of Chapter
2010 John Chisholm
The 2000's     (top)
2009 Bill Florie
2008 George Trigg
2007 Ron Pierson
2006 Steve Miller 45th Anniversary Yr of Chapter
2005 Eric Dickstein  
2004 Mike Murphy
2003 Bob Hitchcock
2002 Steve Hagerdon
2001 Dave Reynolds
2000 Dick Schaffer 40th Anniversary Yr of Chapter
The 1990's     (top)
1999 Bill Standish
1998 Greg Howard
1997 Garry “Butch” Ashdown
1996 Ed “Duffy” Miller 35th Anniversary Yr of Chapter
1995 Frank Gould
1994 Renée Silverstein
1993 John Hadigan
1992 Bob Tortorella
1991 Tony Krzywicki 30th Anniversary Yr of Chapter
1990 Dan Driscoll  
The 1980's     (top)    
1989 Jim Zeigler  
1988 Breck Martyn  
1987 Scott Salladin  
1986 Steve Siegele 25th Anniversary Yr of Chapter
1985 Steve Plumb  
1984 Fred Gielow  
1983 Gene Mayer  
1982 Bob Betscha  
1981 “Bud” Fair 20th Anniversary Yr of Chapter
1980 Ev Burke  
The 1970's     (top)    
1979 Ray Benoit  
1978 Lew DiStasi  
1977 Jerry Andersen  
1976 Rudy Veltre 15th Anniversary Yr of Chapter
1975 Bob Chieffo  
1974 Joe Alber  
1973 Bob Royce  
1972 Tom Enge  
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