Currently, there are two active quartets
Dover Boys and 4 Reasons


Dover Boys   (About Dover Boys)

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Dover Boys Performances

Dover Boys began as a pick-up quartet for the 2009 Newyorkers Chorus Annual Show and has had several configurations over the intervening years. The current quartet members include the chorus section leaders who have been singing together since 2014.

In 2015 Dover Boys won the coveted Yankee Division Novice Quartet Award at the Northeastern District Convention in Burlington, Vt., and In 2017 won the “Most Improved Quartet” award in Lake George, NY.

Eric Dickstein, tenor, is a retired Senior Architect for Global Foundries in Fishkill.
He and his wife Aline live in Gardner.

Steve Miller, lead, is a land surveyor and partner in a surveying and engineering firm in Cold Spring.
He and his wife Peggy live in Poughkeepsie.

John Hadigan, bass, is the Stockoom Supervisor at Dutchess County Highway Dept. in Poughkeepsie, NY
He lives in Hyde Park.

Bill Standish, baritone, is semi-retired and still works as a part-time auditor for the Town of Goshen.
He lives in Washingtonville.

Pictured Left to Right
Eric Dickstein - tenor
Steve Miller - lead
    A Happy Singing Valentine Recipient
John Hadigan - bass
Bill Standish - baritone


4 Reasons     (top)

4 Reasons quartet picture

A few years ago, 4 members of the Newyorkers Chorus decided to get together and call themselves "4 Reasons".

Although the quartet is relatively new, the number of years the individual members have been singing totals over an impressive 77 years.

Don Brewer, tenor, is a land surveyor owning a surveying business in Big Indian, NY.
He and his wife Tess live in Big Indian, NY.

Jack Ostmark, lead, is a retired state trooper and currently runs an investigation service.
He lives in Highland, NY with his wife Carol.

Bob Rich, bass, has his own law practice in New Paltz, NY.
His wife Dawn, live in Gardiner, NY.

Frank Rugg, baritone, is a business consultant and lives with his wife Carolyn in Plattekill, NY.

Pictured Left to Right
Don Brewer - tenor
Jack Ostmark - lead
Bob Rich - bass
Frank Rugg - baritone