Barbershop Quartet

imageWhat is a Barbershop Quartet?
Simply put, a barbershop quartet is four guys, gals or both singing four different parts, which combine together to form the wonderful harmonies of the Barbershop Style. This can range from 'woodshedding', to impromptu chapter quartets, to registered competition and performance quartets.

Why Quartet?
Quartet singing is the purest essence of barbershop harmony, and there are many forms of this joyous pleasure - anything from spontaneous, casual, non-public tag and song singing to more serious show and competition quartets, with every variance between.


Newyorkers Quartets and History

A continuing love in Poughkeepsie remains quartet singing. We are strong supporters of quartet singing and over the years have spawned seven District Champs, Penthouse Four*, Great Chord Conspiracy, Rave Revue*, Riverside Rascals*, Monkey Business, Saratoga Tuesday Night Good Time Music Company and Sunday Morning News, (Sr. Champ) Close Encounters of the Seventh Kind * all four singers were members of the Poughkeepsie Newyorkers

Currently our chapter is home to our longest running active quartet...since 1975, three-time Division Champion, The Footlighters, Swing Shift (2001 NED Medalist, 2006 Div Champ, 2009 Div. Champ & Most Improved Quartet), Hudson Valley Edition, Paradox, Nuthin' Special, 2009 Yankee Division Novice Quartet, Retrofit, 2013 Yankee District Division Novice Quartet, Chief, 2013 Yankee Division Champion SureFire!, and our newest quartets Riverfront, Dover Boys, The Four Reasons.

Other fine quartets over the years have included Taconic Chords, The Dutch Masters, The Four Walkers, 1-2-3 Four, Homesteaders, Rogues Four, Village Squires, Hudson Heritage, Unlikely Hoods, Audocrats, The Brotherhood, Four Guys From Poughkeepsie, WJMG, Entertainment Tonite and the 1997 Yankee Division Champ, Hudson Valley Connection, Just 4 Awhile and Sounds Good.